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On Itunes and Spotify!

2017-01-15 07:58:02 by Bitfrost

I am officailly on Itunes and Spotify (among other music sources), I will still post a few of my tracks since I am loyal to this site as it was my first platform for showing my creations to a comunity that while is full of assholes is still better than any other. If you are interested in buying my music, adding it to your spotify or just listen feel free to find me on Itunes and Spotify. 

            My name on those platforms is now Crawling Eye3998255_148448499723_Album.jpg

Better Music

2013-02-17 22:42:54 by Bitfrost

Hey guys, my music has been getting much better recently (mostly song production) and i will soon be releasing more songs.

Also if anyone wants I also engineer synth sounds in Massive and am willing to create sounds for other producers, sound design is my passion in electronic music. I spend hours on single sounds to get them perfect so if anyone wants me to engineer them a sound send me a pm with a description of the sound or an example and i will make it for you.

More Music

2012-01-20 23:03:52 by Bitfrost

Im going to be making a lot of music in the next few weeks, just got better at mixing so i hope my music sounds better, Tell me what you guys think

More Music