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Sound engineer for hire (but for free!)

2013-09-07 00:44:45 by Bitfrost

If anyone wants I engineer synth sounds in Massive and am willing to create sounds for other producers, sound design is my passion in electronic music. I spend hours on single sounds to get them perfect so if anyone wants me to engineer them a sound send me a pm (or post here) with a description of the sound or an example and i will make it for you.

If you don't have massive you could also send me the midi note file and i could send a wav file of the completed sound back.


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2015-08-01 22:21:33

Just so you know, engineering is different from sound design :P people might get the wrong impression if you advertise yourself as an engineer. (Engineers are typically people who record or handle technical components of live performances, like festivals, though they can also be recording engineers, etc)


2015-08-01 22:21:51

Just realized your post is hella old. Oh well, haha